This page contains the list of the awesome free tools and services being used to serve this site.


Git and Git-LFS

The contents of the site are version controlled using Git, with git-lfs used for binary files.


Hugo is the really awesome static site generator used to generate this site from markdown files stored in Git.


This site is also deployed to IPFS and available at ipns://



Cloudflare is used as the DNS provider for the site. Cloudflare Pages to build and serve the static site.


Forestry is a Git backed CMS that works with multiple static site generators. This site uses Forestry to manage the content in kshlm/


Github provides git hosting. The source for the site (and the Hugo configuration) are available at kshlm/

Github Actions

A Github Actions workflow is used to build and deploy this site into Github Pages. It uses the peaceiris/actions-hugo action to build and a custom deploy-ipfs job using ipfs-deploy do deploy the site to IPFS.

Infura / Pinata

IPFS pinning services provided Infura and Pinata are used to make this site available on IPFS.