Designing and prototyping volgen for GD2 I’ve recently begun working on volgen for GD2. This post gives an overview of what I’ve been doing till now. Some background first One of the requirements for GD2 is to make it easier to modify the volume graphs, in particular make it easier to add new translators into the volume graph. GlusterD right now has hardcoded graph topologies in its code. This makes it very hard to begin modify graphs.

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GlusterD Next Gen

I just presented a talk on GlusterD Next Gen / GlusterD-2.0 at the first ever Gluster Summit at Barcelona. I’m embedding the slide deck here for all to see. Fullscreen it to see it properly (you also need to use Chrome/Chromium to get the slide renedered correctly, some issue with CSS that I’m too lazy to fix).

Setting up network encryption in GlusterFS

Introduction GlusterFS has supported network encryption using TLS/SSL since GlusterFS-3.5. GlusterFS-3.5 supported encryption only on the I/O connections, ie. the connections between GlusterFS clients and servers. GlusterFS-3.6 introduced support for encrypting the manangement connections, the connections between GlusterDs within a trusted storage pool. When using network encryption, GlusterFS also uses TLS/SSL for authentication and authorization, in place of the home grown auth framework used for normal connections. Though encryption has been supported for quite some time, the number of users using it has been minimal.

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