I’ve been meaning to write a new post on this blog for quite some time now, but keep pushing it forward. After nearly 2 years since my last post (and even longer since an update), it’s time for an update about what’s been happening with me.

When I last posted, I was a little over half an year into working remote. I was working on Gluster and was leading the efforts on GlusterD2. After working for about a year on getting Gluster and GlusterD2 ready to run in Kubernetes, the decision was made (not by me), to not work on this further. Instead of Gluster, the product would switch over to using Rook and Ceph. I switched over to working on this effort full-time, sometime early 2019.

Early 2019 was also the time the construction of my new home was completed and when I moved into my own place. I had not expected to be an owner of my own home quite so early, but things just fell in place.

From my new home, I continued working on the new Red Hat Openshift Container Storage 4 product, now based on Rook and Ceph. I helped write a new Kubernetes operator, called ocs-operator and helped set-up the CI for it. During this period, Red Hat was also purchased by IBM.

After working on ocs-operator for about 9 months, ocs-operator and Red Hat Openshift Container Storage 4 got ready for release. But I wasn’t there to actually see it happen.

Because, at the end of 2019, I made the most difficult decision I’ve made till now. I was offered a new and interesting job, and I accepted it. I had started my professional career at Gluster/Red Hat, and after a wonderful 8.5 years, I bid farewell to my many wonderful friends and colleagues at Red Hat on 31st December 2019.

After a small break, I started the new year and the new decade by joining Domino Data Lab as a Platform Engineer. Here, I’ll be working on getting their impressive data science platform running well on Kubernetes. This is my first time working in a all new environment, with a bunch of new folks. I’m looking forward to learning and growing myself, and making new friends.

Quite a lot has happened to me in the past two years, which I didn’t expect would happen. I’m looking forward to see what the next years bring. Hopefully, I’ll be more regular with posts.

Till the next time, good bye!