Arch Linux , The best distro ever

Spent the whole day installing and customising Arch Linux on my desktop.

All I gotta say, its FUCKIN’ AWESOME!!

Arch (pronounced arch as in archery) is a lightweight, modular distro, aimed at slightly experienced Linux users. It allows you to customize the whole OS how you want.

You start with a base install which provides the core requirements to run a OS and install what you require on top of that.

I got the 64-bit install image (around 350MB) and installed it. After the install got just a barebones bash environment. From this point, what I wanted was what I got. I added the “kdemod” repositories and installed KDE 4.4.4. Installed the required drivers and I was set. Arch with kdemod is by far the smoothest KDE4 install I’ve ever done. It just runs. No hiccups anywhere.

The package manager, pacman, is the best package management tool I’ve used yet. Small, fast and gets the job done. One more thing I like about Arch, AUR or the Arch User Repositories. The AUR allows you to make and install any package not already present in the repositories. Using the AUR I got lots of additional packages installed, from source!! AUR makes it easy for anyone to build a package from source. It’s like magic. I’ve not seen anything so easy till now.

I’m still doin the customizations. So catch ya all later.

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