It’s been more than 2 years since I last updated this blog. Lots of things have happened since then.

When I did the last post, I was just 1 month into my first job at Gluster. Now, I’ve completed 2 years at Red Hat (Red Hat acquired Gluster btw). Then, I had no clue about what Gluster did anything. Now, I know of most of the guts of Gluster.

Back then I had yet to install Arch Linux for the first time. Now I’ve got a 2 year old installation of Arch Linux running smoothly and fully updated.1

Back then I hadn’t yet bought an Android phone and was rocking the N900. Since then I’ve bought a Galaxy S, modded it, then modded it some more, built my own ROMS and Kernels for it, and had it stolen. Now, I am rocking an Xperia S for more than year, and have modded it and modded it some more.

Back then I was yet to purchase any piece of software. Now, I’ve gotta collection of over 100 games on Steam, over 50 paid apps on Android and a legitimate copy of Windows 8 on my PC.

Back then I had no property to call my own. Now, I’ve got a new car and my own piece of land back in Mysore.

Back then, this blog was still Now it rocks a custom domain.

So many more changes have happened in these 2 years which I don’t remember. Hope fully for the coming 2 years, I’ll log all of them here so that I remember what all happened.