That was fast. I still can’t believe that 1 month of my 3 month internship at Nokia is already over. And as I had promised, I’ve finished my first project in the given one month.

This month has been really great. The FreOffice “viewer” for Maemo5, which at the start of this month was just a viewer has turned into the FreOffice Office Suite in one month. All this thanks to us interns. Now, its got editing capabilities for documents and presentations, slide previews, presentation helpers and collaborative editing.

But, thats not the end of it. There are still more features on the way. Online Services integration and blogging support (my projects :)), the first one is done just waiting for a release), awesome slide transitions using OpenGL, presentation synchronization between a PC running Koffice and the N900 running FreOffice, slide movement using the accelerometer, editing of spreadsheets and many more. By the end of these 3 months, we hope to have created an awesome, full featured office suite for Maemo/Meego.

So keep watching or listening for news on this free office suite.